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Apply for a credit card with support from Yolo Japan. One of the services they offer that might be very helpful to foreigners is the support for applying for a credit card with translation service in Japanese.So you can get a Japanese credit card even if you don’t speak or read Japanese.Yolo Japan offers translation service in 5 different languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and. The fact is, I’m not familiar enough with credit cards in Japan to know which credit cards are easy to get for someone like me, a younger person with a lower income who hasn’t lived in Japan for a long time. I decided to do a little research to find which credit cards are easy for foreigners in Japan to acquire. Japanese Credit Card Resources

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Using credit cards in Japan – Tips for using credit cards – (1)Using a credit card. Although shops display the logos of credit card brands they accept, there are shops that take credit cards without such signs. Feel free to ask store staff if they take your credit card. (2) Using a credit card with an IC chip

Easy credit card for foreigner in japan. Potential credit card fees in Japan. When you find a merchant that accepts credit cards in Japan, you may face a handful of fees. Foreign transaction fees. American credit card issuers typically charge a fee equal to 1% to 3% of your transaction, so carefully review your card’s fine print to avoid statement surprises. The best and high approval card for foreigners is ANA card, one of the best credit card in Japan, collect your mileage points with every yen you spend, points can be transfered even to your family, fly free or change it cash back gift cards, it has an annual fee differing with the cards. Credit cards are notoriously difficult to get in Japan for foreigners. I currently have a Rakuten credit card and when I applied I was told only about 25% of foreign applicants get approved and that is with the company that is famous for being the easiest for foreigners to get approved.

Every company might have their procedures for applying to get a credit card. About period of stay – the longer period of stay, the smoother the reviewing process – A stable earnings as well as Japanese is a point where reliability is improved. Recommended credit cards for foreigners in Japan. Following credit cards are easy for foreigners. Outside Japan, this is usually a relatively easy procedure—you just call the credit card company and ask them to do a chargeback. Unfortunately in Japan, it’s often a difficult process. For example with SMBC cards, they will ask you to report it as a “fraudulent transaction”. As a result, they will cancel your credit card and issue a. Bic Camera View Card is the best credit card you can get. It charges as a suica card automatically at the train station and will give you 1.5% points doing that. Basically you can get 1.5% points wherever you can use suica. The other pasmo cards etc. that have been mentioned give at most 0.5% or 1% points.

You can make payments easily with your credit card without registering, and if you register for Line Cash (a Line Pay account), you can make payments with your balance, as well as request money and make requests to split bills." In addition to this service, in 2016, Line launched a Line Pay Card for its Japanese users. The card couples nicely. If you want to live in Japan, you will need to know the procedure to open a bank account. Indeed, opening a bank account is a necessary step for you to rent an apartment or get a phone contract. Today, we will describe every necessary steps to open a bank account in Japan as a foreigner! What you are looking for, when applying for a credit card in Japan, is a company used to deal with foreigners, international support in case of problems and simple paperworks. Both Rakuten and Amazon, renowned companies both in Japan and abroad, offer this kind of services.

Actually, it is not easy for foreigners to have credit cards issued in Japan because many foreigners do not know the appropriate way to apply for a credit card or right credit cards. If you know right cards for foreigners, fill the application correctly and prepare documents required, then you will get the one. Japan has a low credit card usage rate when compared to the West. According to a 2016 report, results revealed that 84% percent of people in Japan own credit cards, and the use of electronic money, including credit cards and IC cards (rechargeable cards), is 66% (JCB, General Credit Card Study in 2016, reported in Japanese).. In this way, Japan is still a firmly rooted cash-based society with. Also, none of my foreign co-workers, even those with low salaries or no history at all in Japan, have had a credit card application rejected. While other friends living in Japan for years, but working as freelancers or for small-medium companies, still can't get one. I know it sounds unfair and outdated, but this seems to be the situation here.

4. What Do I Need In Order To Purchase a Japan SIM Card? If you would like to purchase a long-term SIM card in Japan, you are required to provide your ID (residence card or Japanese driver’s license) with your current address in Japan however, Mobal offers SIM cards which don’t require a Japanese address. As a foreigner living in Japan getting a SIM card can be quite difficult, especially if you just started learning Japanese. But don’t worry, as a fellow foreigner who’s been living in Japan for over 4 years, and currently thinking about changing SIM card. I am here to make your life easier by listing out 5 best SIM card options. Having a Japanese credit card allows those staying long-term in Japan for work or study to save yen, get points and discounts, and build credit. In this article, we recommend Rakuten, EPOS, and other foreigner-friendly credit cards that are easy to apply for while offering nice perks.

A few weeks ago a reader posted some information about checking your credit in Japan, so of course I decided to check it out for RetireJapan.. There are three credit bureaus in Japan: CIC, JICC, and the snappily named 全国銀行協会個人信用情報センター. Today we’ll be looking at the JICC process and results. It’s a little bit involved, but not difficult. Carrying a credit card in Japan while traveling is typically convenient for anyone, although the country preferred cash.. If you are in the city, like Tokyo, taxis accept credit card payment. You could also use it to purchase merchandise at stores or to pay food at food chains or restaurants, which has a logo at storefronts indicating credit card payment is accepted. This makes it hard for the credit card company to verify your address, so make sure you’re properly registered before you apply for a credit card. For foreigners in living in Japan for other purposes, city halls often issue certificates of residence upon request. Having one makes it easier to confirm that the information you registered is true.

Most foreigners move to Japan with a credit card but with notoriously difficult regulations, it’s harder to obtain a credit card compared to many other countries. We’ve curated a list of the 4 best Japanese credit cards for foreigners that have problems with finding the perfect credit card company in Japan. Best Choice for your First Credit Card in Japan. J-Trust offers a MasterCard credit card and is the most foreigner friendly credit card in Japan. The application process online is entirely in English and is a good choice for someone who wants to do shopping and have the safety and security that a credit card provides that debit and prepaid. Yeah it true. Its really hard to a credit card in japan. I had ran into many credit card companies. At first they say like you have a chance to get a credit card but after i applied it everytime i am being said like oh i am so sorry but you cannot get it.

In order to make a credit card in Japan, you have to be a resident of Japan with a valid, non-tourist visa. In addition to that, most credit cards require that you have already lived in Japan for at least 6-12 months before your application. Here is a full list of the general requirements for a Japanese credit card application.

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